Barbra in Boston

23 October 2006


Song List

Song List (note the changes from previous shows)


Funny Girl Broadway (overture)
Starting Here, Starting Now
Down With Love
The Way We Were
Come Rain Or Come Shine
Ma Premiere Chanson
Evergreen (with Ill Divo)
I'll DIVO SET #1: (no Barbra)
(a) Unchained Melody
(b) Don't Break My Heart
(c) My Way (dedicated to BJS)

Music Of The Night
Funny Girl
The Music That Makes Me Dance
My Man

When The Sun Comes Out
Carefully Taught/Children Will Listen
Unusual Way
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
Happy Days (George Bush skit)
Have I Stayed Too Long At The Fair
Cockeyed Optimist
Somewhere (with Ill Divo)
My Shining Hour
Don't Rain On My Parade (Broadway version reprise)

Photos by Lisa Hornak

Press Reviews:

Streisand returns with class, personality
By Joan Anderman, Globe Staff | October 23, 2006

People who have money may not be the luckiest people in the world, but they were fortunate enough to be able to buy tickets -- which cost up to $750 each -- to Barbra Streisand's first concert tour in more than a decade.

The icon performed a 2 1/2-hour show on a terraced, lavender-lit set outfitted with opulent bouquets of roses, a spotlit "S" seared onto center stage, and a lush 58-piece orchestra. It was a classy affair that emphasized material with slow tempos and gentle phrasing. There was no disco, no "Stoney End," and the only duet was with Il Divo, the classiest of boy bands. At 64, Streisand's voice has lost some of it's plushness and elasticity. There's an airiness to her tones where once there was silken clarity. But with her excellent pitch and colorful personality completely intact, and most important her remarkable powers of interpretation, Streisand entertained a sold-out house at the Garden with a cornucopia of songs that spanned her 46-year career.

Following the original "Funny Girl" overture, Streisand materialized from below the stage in a floor-length, sailor-style black sequined suit to sing a short opening set and wax poetic about the Celtics, the old Frolics nightclub at Revere Beach, and Boston food. Every word of her between-song chatter, and all of her song lyrics, scrolled on several large teleprompters, which the singer uses, she explained, since forgetting the lyrics to three songs in 1967.

Never for a moment, however, did Streisand seem to be reading. She remains a consummate entertainer, creating intimacy on "The Way We Were" that felt more suited to a supper club than an arena. The orchestra, led by Bill Ross, accompanied the singer with elegant, string-laden arrangements on show-opener "Starting Here, Starting Now," " Down with Love" and "Come Rain or Come Shine." Streisand briefly sat at the piano for a whimsical stab at "Ma Premiere Chanson," the first song (of a mere 10) that she ever composed.

Il Divo, a sort of Josh Groban-meets-the-Three-Tenors popera creation, then performed its own highly melodramatic miniset ("Unchained Melody" in Italian, for example) and supplied a harmony tsunami on Streisand's gorgeous version of "Somewhere," from "West Side Story." She called that song a prayer for tolerance, compassion, and peace -- a message underlined by the singer's outspoken politics, on full display in the form of Steve Bridges, a George W. Bush impersonator, with whom Streisand bantered for a full 10 minutes. While she was heckled for this quasi-humorous stunt in New York, where she (now famously) responded with an expletive-strewn retort, the Boston audience laughed exuberantly.

Streisand's musical set list could have used a bit more of that exuberance and vitality. Her "Funny Girl" medley (the title song, "My Man," and of course "People") was lovely, as was "In a Very Unusual Way" and Michel Legrand's exquisite "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?" But the show was decidedly low-wattage up until the final 20 minutes or so, when Streisand broke out the big-money notes and brassy energy. Perhaps it has to be rationed now, and if so, she chose well. The concert's closing stretch featured vibrant, colorful renditions of "(Have I Stayed) Too Long At the Fair," "Cockeyed Optimist," and the incomparable "Don't Rain on My Parade," which inspired Streisand, who was by this time barefoot, to kick up her legs like a chorus girl. It was a sight, and a sound, to behold.

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She’s still like buttah
By Terry Byrne
Monday, October 23, 2006

No question about it: Babs has still got it.

Last night’s performance at the TD Banknorth Garden showed a Barbra Streisand mellowed by age, but still looking and sounding fabulous.

The Boston crowd greeted her like a rock star, and even with her first number, “Starting Here, Starting Now,” her deep, almost husky voice created a few goose bumps. Dressed in a sequined sailor suit (with pockets!) and accompanied by a 55-piece orchestra, she looked remarkably relaxed. She mentioned her concert appearance at Frolics in Revere (in 1963) and worked mentions of several Boston-area restaurants into her between-song patter.

Although “The Way We Were” was only the third song on her set list, and “Evergreen” was soon to follow, she did dip into her catalog with “Ma Premiere Chanson,” her own composition from her early album “Je m’Appelle Barbra,” and played it on the piano.

The “man band” Il Divo came out to join her on “Evergreen,” and sang four songs on its own while she took a break. The pretty-boy quartet seemed like Streisand’s version of chorus boys but added nothing to the evening besides a little bass on “Music of the Night” from “The Phantom of the Opera.”

But the break seemed to give her a chance to warm up. When she returned, she seemed eager to let her voice leap along the scales. She can’t hit those very high notes anymore, but she’s still got great control and impressive volume. Her selections from “Funny Girl” proved her amazing ability to pack an emotional wallop in a story song, with “My Man” and “People” bringing down the house.

After a 20-minute intermission, Streisand returned with a medley of “You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught/Children Will Listen,” dedicated to her son Jason, before launching into “Unusual Way” from the musical “Nine.” After appearing in two sequined outfits, she emerged in the second act in a flattering Egyptian-style number, but took her heels off and sang the rest of her set in bare feet, including “What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life?” and “Have I Stayed Too Long at the Fair?”

Her much talked-about Bush impersonator was a striking double, but his jokes were moldy Vegas schtick. Fortunately, the musical duet with him (which earned catcalls in New York) was cut, and Streisand sang the haunting “Happy Days Are Here Again” alone. She did philosophize a little too much, but managed to fit in “Cockeyed Optimist,” a lush “Somewhere” and “My Shining Hour,” returning with “Don’t Rain on My Parade” for an encore.

It’s good to see Streisand back onstage, despite the painfully steep ticket prices. If this is indeed her last tour, it was certainly worth it.

Fan Reviews


I just got back from the Boston show!! It was the greatest thing I have ever in my life witnessed!!!!! A total dream come true!!!!

The show did not have an encore...which was a bummer. She did not do STONY END or the first DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE....but it did have the finale PARADE....which was amazing!!! I really cried a lot when she sang UNUSUAL WAY....just beautiful!!!

When she was playing MA PREMIRE CHANSON she played a few chords and then said "OH (blank) I am playing the wrong song!". I am not sure what she was playing but the whole song sounded more like LOST INSIDE YOU to me....but I could be wrong!!

She sounded fabulous....a little horse but still golden and soaring!!!

A dream finally come true for me and I am just about wiped out from the emotion of it!!


Like I just e-mailed to Steven, can I just say OMG!!!
I cannot believe that I just saw Barbra and that it's really over!! When I was sitting there waiting for the show to start, I was so nervous! When Barbra came onstage , it was just so sureal and I just closed my eyes and listened to that beautiful, incredible voice. Her voice live is just the most wonderful thing in the world! Surprisingly, I did not cry when she came out like I thought I would!! I think I was in shock, I was holding on to my sister's hand and just listening to her.
When I did break down was during the "Funny Girl" set!! I cried through the whole thing, and yes She did sing "Funny Girl"!!! I know I wasn't just imagining it LOL!:D "People" and "My Man" were phenomenal!! Especially, "My Man" her voice was so strong and she just belted it out!!!
She was just as "gorgeous" in person as I thought she'd be!!She mentioned where she had eaten, in Boston.....She had clams from Legal Seafoods and She ate at Durgin Park, which is an old famous restaraunt here in Boston!! And she said today she was going to the Harbor, to see where The Boston Tea Party was. She's so cute!!
Let me just tell you I thought I would hate Il Divo and I ended up loving them!!! Their voices were beautiful and it was Magical when they sang, "Evergreen" and "Somewhere" with Barbra!! The five of them singing together, I just sat there and soaked up that beautiful sound!!!
She didn't sing "smile" or "Stoney End', But her encore was "Don't Rain on My Parade". She didn't bring Sammie out which I was disappointed, but let me tell you that was the only disappointment of the evening!!! Barbra is well worth every penny you pay to see her, my sis said that was the best concert she has ever been to!
I can only say that Barbra fufilled a dream tonight of a little girl who fell in love with her so many years ago and dreamed that someday this night would happen.


Just got in on the train about an hour ago from Boston, where I saw the show with my friend Dane last night. Barbra was a joy to behold. Relaxed, humorous, articulate, giving.

It is true that she sounded a bit hoarse throughout the show, but I agree with the poster who said that this huskiness is just a part of her voice now. Considering the fact that (as my friend and I were exclaiming at) the lady will be SEVENTY is just six years, the voice is still amazing. And when she needed to "loft" to hit those big notes, she never failed.

I must say, though, that I was disappointed in the sound sytem. I remember Barbra having special carpeting installed to ensure crystal clear sound when she toured in 1994; I am not sure that she went to such extreme measures this time around. The sound (NOT Barbra, I'm talking about the sound) was a little "muddy" (to borrow a word that my friend used). I guess these big arenas that also host sporting events can't help but "swallow up" some of the gorgeous details of a voice like Barbra's in ther vast, cavernous spaces.

The Bush sketch was received okay by the audience, but I have to say that it's pretty weak. Nothing near the comedic genius of the Mike Myers/Linda Richman sketch from 1994.

And Il Divo? I was not in the least impressed. These "cookie cutter" pop opera boys left me longing for more of Barbra. I would have much preferred to have had Barbra sing "Evergreen" and "Somewhere" by herself. I guess the only part where I felt they worked was in "Music of the Night."

It's a shame that Barbra has toured so rarely in her career, because to WATCH Barbra as she sings (and the huge screens suspended above the arena revealed every nuance of her performance) is to watch one of the great actresses of our time. I guess, to borrow from Barbra, she IS indeed "an actress who sings." This is where, I feel, she leaves the Whitneys and the Celines and the Mariahs in the dust. To watch and listen to Barbra sing live is equivalent to an eduation at Juilliard!

I think it's wise that Barbra "paces" herself in concert at the age that she now is. My friend and I discussed the preponderance of ballads and the rarity of up tempo numbers. But that's okay...hasn't Barbra's forte always been ballads, anyway?

I was sorry that she cut DROMP (except for thestage version of FUNNY GIRL reprisal part that she did as an encore), and very sorry that she didn't come back out for a final encore of "Smile." Everyone was hooting and hollering and, as a previous poster said, the orchestra, under Bill Ross's baton, sat poised ready to accompany her for one last song...but she never came back out.

Now that I've seen the concert, I'm going to gobble up every bit of info that's been written about the shows since the tour began in Oct. 4th.

This is certainly an exciting time to be a Barbra fan, and I have to say that everyone's enthusiasm about this tour has been quite infectious.

Thanks to all for the sharing.... hug ;)



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