My Experience -- Las Vegas and Los Angeles

I was lucky enough to attend the final two stops on Barbra's 2006 National Tour -- her first tour since 1994. It was also my first 'Barbra' concert experience. I've been a fan since 2000 (the same year that Barbra did the Timeless concerts). So I'd spent 6 years thinking that I would never get the chance to hear Barbra live.

On November 18th 2006 -- it happened. I flew to Las Vegas the previous day from the UK -- and booked into the MGM Grand Hotel for 3 nights. The same hotel that Barbra was to perform in. My dreams were becoming reality. After nearly 24 hours of travelling and 'schlepping' half way around the world, I met up with Linda E (She helps me moderate The Barbra Streisand Message board -- thanks Linda!). We had a brief walk around the hotel. We checked out where Barbra would be performing. We checked out where the fans could meet after the show -- and even bought some Barbra gifts from the stand.

The Day Of The Las Vegas Show

I met up with Linda again -- and we decided to have breakfast at the MGM Grand Studio Cafe. While we were waiting for go inside -- we were standing next to Renata Buser (Barbra's personal assistant for decades) and we also saw Richard Jay-Alexander; the tour's director. I've communicated with Richard for a while now -- so it was fun to finally see him in person.

The rest of the day was at leisure. Linda and I went for a walk down the strip. We were surprised when we came across a rare photograph (see right) of Barbra from the early 60s at Basin Street East. It was reduced from $400 to $200 -- so she decided to buy it. (If I had the money on me -- I would have bought it!).

We headed back to the hotel -- and had a few hours rest.

We had arranged to meet up with a bunch of fans before the show at 4pm for some food. So I headed through the casino machines -- down to the MGM Grand Buffet. We spent a few hours together -- and that was great. It was great to see those who I hadn't seen for a while (Allison J. Waldman, Sal LaBarbera) -- and also new faces. You were all great! Thanks for attending.

7pm. Time to pick up my ticket from the 'Band Will Call' desk. I was taken care of by Barbra's manager (Marty) -- so I really didn't have a clue where I was sitting. It was VERY exciting to pick up the tickets. I opened the envelope -- and there was my seat! Floor section, row 5, dead center. I couldn't believe it. Here is a photo from my seat (Very naughty I know, but I needed at least one keepsake).

I was one of the first people in the arena. I wanted to see where I was sitting. I sat there, alone -- and just looked at the stage. I couldn't believe it. After a short while -- an assistant came to greet me -- and to say hi (we'd been communicating for 4 years) -- so it was great to say hello in person. She handed me a backstage VIP pass -- and told me to say hello after the show. My first thought was "Will I get to meet Barbra?". As it happened -- I didn't. But there's always another time, right?

The Show.

I could sit here and type out the entire song list, what she wore etc, etc -- but I know most of you have seen the reports on the message board -- and seen the press photos.

What I will say -- for those of you who have the albums, DVDs and videos -- but have not seen Barbra live -- there's just no comparison. Hearing 'that' voice LIVE, is unlike anything else you'll ever experience. It's hard to put into words. Perfection isn't even close!

It was great to be sitting in the same section as Rosie O'Donnell, Roslyn Kind, Mimi Hines, Billie Jean King. I was introduced to Mimi Hines at one point -- and she was adorable. A very nice lady.

The Las Vegas show seems like a lifetime away -- it's all a blur. But it's a moment I'll never forget.

Los Angeles Update Coming Soon

Song List for Vegas and LA:

Song List


Funny Girl Broadway (overture)
Starting Here, Starting Now
Down With Love
The Way We Were
Ma Premiere Chanson
Evergreen (with Il Divo)

(a) Unchained Melody
(b) Unbreak My Heart
(c) My Way

Barbra Returns

Come Rain Or Come Shine
Funny Girl
The Music That Makes Me Dance
My Man
People BOWS


Music Of The Night
Carefully Taught/Children Will Listen
Unusual Way
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
Q+A Ask Barbra

George Bush Sketch

Woman In The Moon
Have I Stayed Too Long At The Fair?
A Cockeyed Optimist
Somewhere (with Il Divo)
My Shining Hour
My Shining Hour Bows

Don't Rain On My Parade (Broadway version reprise)
People Bows

Happy Days Are Here Again


Fan Photo after LA show:



Special thanks to Marty Erlichman, J-Me Diamond, Dick Guttman, Richard Jay-Alexander, Linda Eppley, Anthony and partner, Paul Katz, Corey, Mary-Jo, Ginny -- and to everyone else who I met along the way. You all made me feel very welcome to the US!