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  • Why not check out Barbra's official website? It contains important statements by Barbra on politics, and other world issues. There's also a truth alert, information on Barbra's 40+ year career, Press releases, Happenings, and you can even buy official merchandise! Check it out today.


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A note from Steven Housman of Genre Magazine:

In the "early days" of BarbraNews.com, I sent its founder Craig Hall (then, 19 years-old) a note that read:

"It's so refreshing to be able to write posts without being censored...You allow people to speak freely and openly. Keep it up Craig, you're on your way to becoming Barbra's #1 fansite for discussion without fear of being misquoted or deleted because it doesn't meet your standards. You allow people to express themselves whether you agree or not. I applaud you for that. You are wise beyond your years! This is a website I know Barbra would be proud of. Congratulations!"

I am happy to say that two years later, my prediction has come true. BarbraNews.com has been at the forefront of developing news on Streisand's unparalleled career. The message board at The Barbra Streisand Forum has also become the Number One website for Barbra Streisand fans to gather and discuss their favorite star. It's important to note that BarbraNews.com has also received the respect and approval of the media and entertainment industry.

Kudos to you Craig! Your hard work and dedication to all things Barbra has received the recognition it deserves. I'm not only proud to be a member, I'm proud to call myself your friend.

Steven Housman-Genre Magazine-Contributing Editor

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