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Ray Santiago plays Ben Stiller's Son / Barbra's Grandson (Or does he !?) in Barbra's forthcoming movie ' Meet The Fockers'. was recently granted a brief interview with him, and here's what he had to say...

So firstly, how did you land the role?

After auditioning in New York City, the studio flew me out to Los Angeles to attend the first table reading of the script with all the actors. I was pretty calm and collected the entire trip, until I was in the room with all the other actors. At the time I was the only new addition to the cast in the room and all eyes were on me. I knew all the lines but still held the script in my hand and noticed my hands were shaking when I went to flip the page. After the read through the following week, I was told the part was mine.

Had you already seen the original, did this inspire you to want to be part of the sequel?

Yes I am a big fan of the original. When I was in acting school, one of my teachers told me if they ever make a sequel to ‘Meet the Parents’, I could play Ben Stiller’s half Hispanic son. And look what happened!

When did you first realize who was part of the cast?

Well I was already aware of the previous cast and when my manager called me to tell me about my call back she told me about Barbra and Dustin.

It was a great combination of Actors. What was the mood like on set?

Well it was really interesting in so many different ways because you have six different super stars on one set. I made a point to really observe these actors and how they worked. I mean as a young actor I was working with people who inspired me all my life. I grew up watching them .The mood on set was wacky. Dustin was on of my favorites, I have to say he made me feel so comfortable, always cracking jokes and chatting with me. People often ask me how was it working with such well known actors, did you get nervous, my response is “hey they are just people like you and me” of course I got nervous, but I could tell that even they got nervous sometimes, and at times even they would forget a line or two. That’s what made us all laugh because on those days we worked together.

OK, Barbra! What were your thoughts on Streisand before you met / worked with her?

I love her now even more!

Your first impressions when you met her?

She seemed kinda out there in a very wacky way

Barbra is known for her perfection. Her need to get it *just* right... Did this show on set?

She is very much perfectionist. I admire that about her. Yes she showed this on set, hey it’s been a while since she’s wanted to do a movie and this is her latest so she’s watching her back to make sure it’s all good

The film is getting fantastic advanced press. It's probably the most anticipated movie of this fall - what do you make of all the press?

The movie is going to be funnier than the first.

So, what's next for you?

I’ve got a couple of Indies making the rounds at some festivals and I’m working on a couple of theater productions in NY.

Thanks for your time, and all the best!

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